October 5, 2015

My Favorite Organic Face Mask


Happy Monday Y’all!! I want to start sharing with you guys some of the behind scenes of my beauty routine without all the glam and makeup. I LOVE starting out my week with a face mask or scrub and this one is my current favorite. It’s Lush’s Fresh Face Mask Don’t Look at Me.  Now, I know it makes me look like I stepped out of Braveheart but, trust me it’s so worth it. The ground rice scrubs away all your dead and dry skin, while the lemon juice evens out your complexion. The result is bright and smooth skin. As if the all organic ingredients weren’t enough, this product is so reasonably priced at only $10.95! And you will get a good 5-6 uses out of it.


P.S. This product was not given or sent to me.

Hope you guys enjoy this product & love the skin your in!


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