April 30, 2018

I Tried LED Light Therapy

Y’all, light therapy is where it’s at in skincare these days! I tried this treatment the other day with my skin guru Morgan Nicole, and I fan girled over the LED Light Therapy Facial HARD! I’ve only done one treatment, but it’s already a yes from me.

So, what makes it so awesome? Basically, the device (originally developed by NASA) emits a bacteria killing light that helps zap acne-causing bacteria. The light also stimulates collagen and helps with ant-aging. Clears acne and helps with aging? Uh, I call that a win-win. Cosmopolitan magazine even says LED Light Therapy is “life-changing.”

How does it work?

Morgan did a facial on me beforehand, but the LED light is super simple. I thought I would be claustrophobic with something covering my whole face, but it was no problem. We did the treatment for 30 minutes and I was so relaxed, I could’ve fallen asleep.

What does it feel like?

A little warm, but peaceful like the sun. Definitely doesn’t hurt.

Did you notice a difference?

Yes! I only get minimal breakouts now but they are a pain. This treatment cleared my complexion up and my skin had an extra glow. I didn’t see a drastic difference in my fine lines, but I know that takes treatments over a period of time.

Are you planning on continuing LED treatments?

Also, yes! This is a maintenance treatment. I plan to get this done every other week or so.

What’s the cost?

This varies depending on where you go, but I can speak for Morgan Nicole Skincare and this was SO reasonable. Contact her for pricing if you are in the Houston area!

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