What is the aftercare like? Very little. I put a small ice pack on for a few minutes and they instructed to not lay down for four hours.

Full Disclosure-I had more eye makeup and bronzer in the after shots and the lighting was a lot better. 

How long does it lasts?

It normally lasts between 3 to 4 months. I had mine approximately one month ago and I had little or no side effects. No headaches, no swelling, no bruising.

What were my results?

My results are fantastic! The horizontal lines on my forehead are gone. The large vertical wrinkles were reduced but would require filler to show a significant decrease. I have a line or two on my crow’s feet area but the majority are gone. The 11’s in between my eyebrows are greatly reduced. The look is very natural and I will definitely do this again.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the number of units, it can be anywhere from $200 – $400.


LaserAway was fantastic! They knew exactly what MY face needed. It looks so natural and I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone looking to decrease some of those trouble spots that we all get as we get older!  Whomever you choose, all reputable places will offer a followup in a few weeks to see if any adjustments are needed.



Until Next Time!