January 7, 2019

How to Make a Killer Instagram Bio

Online you only have someones attention for 2 seconds (maybe not even that). You want to make sure your profile and bio is conveying who you are very quickly.

Profile photo- make sure this is memorable. My profile pictures have always been light and bright and up close. Remember that someone is going to see this very very small in their following or likes, you want to be able to see it.

Your headline- this is how people search you, you want to include your name of course. I’m always really surprised when people who want to grow but only put their first name. It will be a lot harder to find you, so use the name you go by. You can also put what you are. A fashion blogger? A lifestyle blogger? Another great option is putting your city in your headline – If someone has just moved to Houston, the may search it and voila there you are! (I would do this, but my name takes up too many characters).

Something personal- Even if you are a business page, show a little personality. Do you love pizza? Throw in some pizza emojis!

Utilize your link- make sure you are using your link to send people back to your site or other social media platforms. I don’t like how messy long links look on my page, so I use Linktree or bitly. It gives your page an overall cleaner look.

Call to action- Draw attention to your link, tell people to check out your blog, services, latest youtube video, etc. I’ve done this in the past by saying “latest video here” with an arrow to my link.

Include an Email- If you aren’t a business page with an email button, include it in your bio. Even if it’s on your website already, make it as easy as possible for people to contact you.

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