January 31, 2019

Tips for the Perfect Instagram Caption

Most people think Instagram is alllll about the photos. While pictures are essential, captions give people the chance to get to know you. I’ve compiled my top tips for writing the perfect Instagram captions.

  1. Keep it Short Sista- Tbh if anyone posts anything longer than a few sentences you’ve lost me. I know sometimes stuff HAS to be longer to get your point across (I’ve done it too) but keep it short when you can. (Not just my opinion too btw- I polled my own IG following and over 80%+ agreed with me on this one!) Remember that why people like Instagram over Facebook is its more pictures, fewer words.
  2. Hashtag it up- Some people don’t agree, but I love hashtags! Not just for exposure (you can read my post on How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Here) but to show your playful side. I love when people put #NewPhoneWhoDis, or something else cheeky (when applicable). Don’t be afraid to have fun! If your account is professional, still take this an opportunity to be a lighter side of your business.
  3. Be Yourself- I can always tell when someone is a new blogger, they all use the same “bloggery,” and everyone ends up sounding like robots. Canned captions don’t get nearly the engagement that genuine ones do, whatever that means for you. If you’re super sweet, be that! Extra sassy, put it out there gf! People are following you for YOU, remember that.
  4. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself- I used to assume that everyone who watched my IG stories also saw my feed post so I wouldn’t repeat myself. I find that these can be different audiences so if you talked about something on stories feel free to reiterate it on your feed too.
  5. When in doubt, use puns- ¬†Taking a photo with a donut? Look up donut puns! It’s a fun way to start your caption.

Protip: Type your captions beforehand in the notes section on your phone so when you go to post, your good to go!

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