4 Agencies to Get Brand Deals

We’re talking again today about y’alls favorite topic in blogging, FREE STUFF. Lol Although I don’t think you should take too much too soon (you don’t want to get overhwhelmed or turn into one big ad), it definitely is a huge perk of this industry.
When you are first starting out, it can be hard to find brands who wants to work with micro influencers.
What is a micro influencer? It’s usually categorized as someone with less than 10,000 followers on a social site. Macro would be anyone with more than 10,000 on one social site. So on Instagram, I would be considered a Macro influencer, while my new twitter account (which has less than 2,000 followers), I would be considered a micro influencer.
Here are my top recommendations for getting brand collaborations when you are a micro influencer-
  1. Revfluence- This is actually the first site I personally used. Although it’s not exactly my favorite because there is no liaison between the brand and the influencer, it’s still a good one to join when you are first starting out. A lot of deals are in exchange for a product, but normally the products are high quality and sometimes you’ll come across “paid to post” opportunity too! The other benefit is you can actually apply for campaigns instead of waiting for someone to randomly select you.
  2. Influenster- this one is posting in exchange for a product. However, if you are into beauty, I would definitely sign up. I’ve been sent everything from drugstore makeup to Marc Jacobs. They also encourage completely honest reviews too, which I love!
  3. Social Native- Social Native was also one of the first agencies I used. Pros: they accept most people, you get paid quickly and the guidelines are normally very easy Con: They don’t have a ton of campaigns and you normally can’t apply for anything, you have to be selected.
  4. Popular Pays- This is actually an app on your phone. It’s a little strange to communicate with brands via a texting format, but after a while, you get used to it. It’s beyond easy to apply for campaigns and everything is pretty straightforward.

Be sure to read my post on Mistakes I’ve Made With Sponsored Content before you start accepting brand deals and if you don’t have a blog yet, start here.

Til next time my blogger babes!


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