Blogger Series: The “Real” First Step

blogger series
As I’m getting started with this NEW Blogger Series, I realize the very first step in your blogging journey is often trying to figure out the variety of topics you are actually going to blog about. If you’re anything like me when I first got started, you love the digital space but aren’t quite sure how you fit into it. It kept me from getting beginning my blogging journey.
About a year before actually creating my blog, I knew I wanted one but couldn’t quite nail down what my niche was, so I never did it. Finally, after a lot of coaxing from my mother and being inspired by a few other bloggers, I just decided to just GO FOR IT. I brainstormed about the topics that people most asked me about. And at the time, it was beauty. I was in the middle of my pageant days and all of my comments (pre-DMs) were littered with makeup and hair and tanning questions. So that’s what my initial blog posts were about.
I was so scared when I first started blogging that I would be WRONG about what I should blog about, but just remember, it can change. I still cover beauty but since posting a lot about Houston, I found a new niche and my blog evolved to encompass that. I recently began running and my blog will accommodate that too. You don’t have to have all the answers about blogging right now, you just need to get started. The best place is writing about what you already know.
Do girls always ask you about your hair? Maybe hair tutorials are going to be your thing! Are you the one who always get the tech questions? Does your family always want to steal your yummy recipes? Are you into fitness? Everyone has something they are good at, so write about that! And it’s not necessary to limit yourself to one topic. As a matter of fact, don’t do that… you might find that your audience responds organically to a topic that you weren’t even going to blog about when you first started.
Next, you just need:

1. Some patience  (HTML can be tricky at first… or still LOL)

2. A Name –  I’ve seen a lot of people pick obscure names and end up changing it down the road to something more simple or something that is associated with your own name.

3.Some $ for Hosting – My Guide on “How to Set up Your Blog” walks you through my favorite (& the most affordable) hosting site, Click Here to check it out.

If being a blogger is something you’ve been thinking about, I hope you go for it! Blogging has turned out great for me and the only thing I regret is not starting sooner! The time is now!

Stay tuned for more of my Blogger Series! Til next time!

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