7 Day Mental Diet


Happy Monday!!

I hope you guys are all having a fantastic start to your week! For me, It’s definitely been a stop and smell the flowers kind of day! In general, I have a very positive attitude but like everyone else, life happens and sometimes we lose that positivity in our daily lives. Last year I was looking for some positive inspiration and I came across this book called The 7 Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox.

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Now let me give you the Sparks Notes version of this. The gist is that you don’t say or think a negative thought for 7 days. Obviously we are human and at some point during the 7 days we will slip up, no worries. If something negative pops out you just take it back and replace it with something positive. If a bad thought sneaks into your mind you don’t dwell on it.
Instead, flood it with a happy thought. I know it sounds childish but it works! Our mind can be our biggest asset or our greatest downfall.

We diet for healthier bodies, why not try one for your mind as well? It will take work but at the end of your 7 days you will be AMAZED at how much better your attitude is. I like to take on this challenge every few months to refresh myself and I would encourage you to try it with me! Please email me at [email protected] if you do, I would love you hear from you!


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