7 New Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

People often ask me about the things you should be doing as a new blogger. But I thought that what would be more helpful, is the things you should avoid as a newbie blogger. Here are my top 7 New Blogger Mistakes to Avoid.

  1. Empty categories- You don’t need to have a ton of posts to get started with blogging, but you don’t want to have empty categories. I suggest starting with broad categories and then narrowing them down the more posts you upload.
  2. Not updating your blog- This a big one! You don’t ever want anyone to click on your blog only to find you haven’t had a post in weeks or even months. If you can’t upload regularly consider hiding your post dates.
  3. Not updating your social channels– You don’t have to use all social media platforms, but the one or two you decide to be on you want to keep active. Even if you have a great blog, brands and readers will most likely go looking for you on social media too!
  4. No contact info- I threw a blogger event once and was shocked at how hard I had to work to find some peoples emails! Brands and PR companies might give up if you make this to hard -make it easy for people to get in contact with you.
  5. No place to subscribe– I heard someone recently say your whole online business is only as strong as your email subscriber list. Start collecting emails early! I majorly regret not doing this.
  6. Not putting what city you live in- Rep your city! One you will find viewership locally and two this is important for event invites and even some collaborations.
  7. Not getting started- I saved the biggest mistake for last. I get DM’s every day about people who have wanted to start a blog for YEARS. Today is the day to get started- Check out this blog post for more info on how to create your blog.


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