How To Take A Great Flatlay

I LOVE flatlays! I’m starting to get tired of all my photos being my face on Instagram (@MadzPayne), so I’m really getting into taking them again. It’s also great on days when I need content but don’t feel like putting make-up on, can I get an Amen? Flatlays are pretty simple and often do very well engagement wise (if they are good). So get ready, I’m breaking down what makes a great flatly.

Take the shot from directly above- Self-explanatory but this is a must for a flat lay. (And it will do better on your Instagram). I can post a photo of a burger head on (where it looks better), OR I can post a burger from above with my cellphone and a pair of glasses and nine times out of 10 it will do better.
Pay attention to the background- You can’t go wrong with a crisp white backdrop for your snaps. For this, I’ll use a cheap poster board ( I actually have a bunch of colors – a great tip if you want to start a color theme). I also have different tiles that are all different patterns – I picked them up from Lowes. I have marble (another crowd pleaser) a brown marble, and faux wood. Depending on your style and the product don’t be afraid to switch up the background.

My stash of different poster boards aka backdrops

Find a focal point- Are you trying to show off a specific product? Make sure you plan the rest of your items around your focal point.
Keep adding- if you are taking flat lay photos and it doesn’t quite seem right, keep adding things! Lipstick? Check, sunnies? Check, jewelry check? Start trying different combos until you get what you like.
Shoot outside the frame- Don’t be afraid to have items hanging outside of the photo. Not everything has to fit in the frame perfectly.

Get messy- This kind of goes with the tip above. There is a time and place for organized photos but MOST of the time flay lays are interesting when items are tossed around. Also, don’t be afraid to add different textures, colors, etc.
Add a hand- I love this one, especially for food posts. A hand in action can add depth to your shot.

Look for inspo- I’ll often look on Instagram and Pinterest and search flatlays. Get inspired babe!

Til next time, keep doin’ it for the gram!


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