I Tried It: Are Silk Pillow Cases Worth The Hype?

You’ve probably heard forever that sleeping on silk is excellent for your skin and hair. Yes, me too. Honestly, though I didn’t think it could make THAT big of a difference and just chalked it up to one more beauty gimmick, I didn’t need. Full disclosure, I probably wouldn’t have ever tried a silk pillowcase not been sent to me. Even after that, the pillowcase sat in my PR pile for months before I also got it out of the box. And I must say Y’all; I’m so mad I didn’t try it sooner!!

The first thing I noticed when I started using a silk pillowcase is how much cooler it is. I live in Houston where it’s hot 90% of the time. That right there is enough to make me kick the cotton and keep the silk. But the perks don’t stop there.

I sleep on my face. Like full on- all up in ya pillow- on my face. I have a sleep wrinkle on the right cheek to prove it. It’s usually more prominent in the mornings, and after sleeping on this pillowcase just one night, it was significantly less noticeable. Uh, major score!!

And last but certainly not least, my old cotton pillowcase used to be covered in hair in the mornings. Which I never really thought about, when you have a lot of hair you get used to shedding. Am I right ladies?! I dare say that I never see hair on my new pillowcase. This is because your hair glides on silk instead of rubbing against cotton.

The only downside I would say is if you are heavy on the face lotions and serums. If you immediately follow your nighttime skin routine by planting your face in your pillow, you could feel a little stuck to it. I remedy this by lathering myself up at least an hour before bed. Which if you think about it, we should be doing anyway, my cotton pillow doesn’t need a $50 facial either (lol).

The verdict: I’ve slept on a silk pillowcase for a few months now and its worth the hype! Seriously, everyone run and buy a silk pillowcase immediately. The silk pillowcase I use now is from Amazon (It’s only $25 for most colors – and it comes in a bunch!!). I can’t recommend it enough, I even got Momma Payne using one too!

Happy Sleeping!


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