Laser Hair Removal FAQ

IT’S DOLPHIN SZN ?? LOL Y’all know I’m on a quest to be smooth as a dolphin at @LaserAway. Anytime I post them on stories y’all always ask me the same things so I thought I would answer my most FAQ laser hair removal question.

Does it hurt? In my first several sessions it felt like nothing, now that I’m further along it’s a little spicy, but I’m a HUGE baby. If I can handle it, anyone can.
Does it work? Y’ALL, I would not go to this place every six weeks if it didn’t work lol I was someone who could shave twice a day (for real) and& now I go weeks without shaving or don’t have to shave at all. It’s life-changing.
What areas are you doing? My underarm (which is done, never shave there) and my Brazilian – I think I need one more treatment on that area and then I’ll be done.
Is there any downtime? No, I go on with my day. I don’t get in the sun tho – I wouldn’t recommend doing that immediately after.
Can you shave in between? Yes and plz do LOL you also shave before you get it done which I love. I hated having to be hairy to get waxed.

Let me know below if y’all have any other questions about it!

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