My Travel Skincare Routine

Is it just me or do you feel like you have to work twice as hard to get pretty skin when you leave your zip code? Maybe this is because Houston is so humid (annoying for the hair, fantastic for the skin). I have mastered how to perk my skin up in spite of traveling. Here’s what I do when I travel.

1. Start with a clean face. I have mentioned this before that I try to avoid makeup at the airport (unless it’s a super short flight). I instead go fresh-faced and apply makeup in the air (if needed).
2. Hydrate! I’m so bad about not wanting to drink my usual amount of water when I travel. No one wants to be running to the restroom every 30 minutes on an airplane, but you still need to find ways to get your water in. I swear my skin dries up when I’m not drinking water. I try to drink a few water bottles a few hours before my flight (if possible) and then drink a few after landing.
3. Debuff- I’ve also mentioned before that I’m a bit of a sweller and flying is no exception. I use either my Nu Face to reduce this or my jade roller. I know the Nu Face is a pricer option but y’all it WORKS! I’ve also had mine for at least 4 years and it’s going strong – so worth it.
4. Masking- at home I use a sheet mask about once a week- when I travel, I mask every day if needed. It depends on where you are visiting; obviously, some places are drier than others but I typically at least past a sheet mask a day and or use Marianna Hewitt Jet Lag Mask.

Products I pack that are airplane friendly:

Face Remover wipes- 

Travel size Cleanser- 



Spot Treatment- 

Depuff products- 

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