Packing Hacks You Need to Know

In case you are new around here, ya girl is moving! SO excited to be going from an apartment to a 5 bedroom house! Now my office doesn’t have to be in my dining room, YAY!  Safe to say I’m excited about all the new space, but what isn’t exciting is the actual moving process. To be honest, I HATE actually moving. Here are some packing tips I’ve learned over the years that make the whole shebang easier!

  1. Assign every room a color and put on each box for easy placement. Make sure and label TWO sides of the boxes (not just the top) so you can see when you’ve stacked them a mile high. Then place the coordinating color sticker on each room, so no matter who you talked into helping you, they know just where it goes!
  2. Wrap it up! Use plastic or kitchen wrap to keep those pesky drawers tucked in without having to pack them. We were so lazy we put some of our smaller drawers on a wheeled filling cube to spin it with no effort (lol).
  3. Styrofoam is your friend! To keep dinnerware safe, place cheap styrofoam plates in between each one.
  4. Throw your clothes in the trash…kinda! Short haul move? Forget packing those clothes. Cover them with trash bags and leave them on the langer for a quick move!
  5. Plastic baggies to the rescue. When moving, it’s so easy to lose little parts to things. Make sure parts stay together with plastic baggies. Then tape them directly to whatever they belong to!


But the ultimate moving hack is hiring movers (lol). Thank you 3 Men Movers for partnering up with me on this post. I’ve moved so many times in Houston, and 3 Men Movers are hands down the best movers I’ve ever had. They were also kind enough to give readers $30 off of their next move! So be sure you save this for your next move, and my Houston people use the code MADZ30 for that discount.

P.S. in case packing isn’t your thing either, 3 Men Movers also offers a packing service as well. Check em out here!

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