My Blue Light Glasses (& Dupes)

Quay Hardwire Blue Light Glasses

I’ve had problems with my eyesight and electronics for years. My eyes used to get blurry after just a few hours of looking at a screen and I would frequently get headaches — a problem for a full-time blogger or anyone with a desk job. I even tried a prescription pair of glasses before blue light glasses were popular. And it did help the blurriness but not the headaches.

I discovered blue light glasses last year and LOVE them!! Some people claim that blue light glasses help you sleep better and I’m honestly not sure about that. I haven’t noticed a difference in my sleep but my headaches from eye strain are gone, and it takes me much longer (like 10 hours) before my eyes will get blurry. Blue light glasses have been so helpful for my eyes. I highly recommend them for anyone who spends a decent amount of time looking at a computer, phone, tablet, etc.

You guys are always asking me on Instagram (@MadzPayne) where my blue light frames are from (especially my clear frames), so I’m linking up all my favorite pairs! My blue light glasses are all QUAY.

I also found a ton of super cute (and cheaper) pairs on Amazon. I’ve ordered a few but haven’t gotten them yet, so I’m not sure if the lenses are as good as the QUAY pairs, but they all have high reviews. For the price, I’m willing to risk it!

Do you wear blue light glasses? Let me know below!

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