How to Look Expensive: Boujee on a Budget

I love dressing over the top and even going a lil’ tacky sometimes with my style. But one of my most asked questions is how I shop at such inexpensive places but make it look so good! Well here are my boujee on budget tips for looking like your outfit is pricey and is nice on your wallet too!

  1. Get it tailored– I’m pretty short, so this can be a bit of a must for me (especially in pants)! Surprisingly it makes a huge difference. It is amazing how good a $20 dress can look when it’s perfectly tailored to you. Just do your research and go to a good place! 
  2. Steam it- I often buy from cheaper clothing websites (like Forever 21, Shein) and steaming everything will make the cheap fabrics look 100x nicer. 
  3. Dress in one color- Tone on tone is KILLER, one of my favorite trends ever. Looks like money hunny!

    Image via Pinterest
  4. Keep it neural- Browns, blacks, whites, beiges all look more expensive, and everyone looks good in them.
    Avoid crazy prints- Other than an animal print of course (lol). Crazy patterns can sometimes go tacky and cheap. 
  5. Jazz it up with some glasses- Glasses add a level of chicness to any outfit.
  6. Pointy shoes– There is just some super classy about a pointy toe heel boo! 
  7. Match your accessories- Your handbag or earrings don’t have to all be the same color but make sure it’s something that matches or clashes on purpose.

    Sunglasses: $10, Shirt $5, Fanny Pack $7. Style doesn’t have to be expensive y’all!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to match some of your nicer pieces with your budget ones. I love to pair my nicest blue jeans with a Target tank. Like Carrie Bradshaw said I’m ” looking for a $7 dress to go with my $300 shoes.”

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