My very first YouTube Live and I am doing a Walmart unboxing of my latest order! Follow me on YouTube, so you never miss a LIVESTREAM or styling video. I also post sale alerts and restocks on my community tab, be sure to check them out!





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  1. 10.7.21
    Betty said:

    I like your video, especially the unboxing odsaZF Walmart merchandise video, but I would suggest for time’s sake you might open the boxes and bags before the cameras roll. That’s not fun. Some of us don’t have a lot of TV time and it is boring. We want to hear about the items and fashion, not who is watching. thanks!

    • 10.8.21
      Madison Payne said:

      Hi Betty!

      Yes my livestreams meant to be longer, hanging out and chatting with your friends.The community style livestreams aren’t for everyone! For those who don’t have a lot of time I suggest watching my regular styling haul videos! But thanks for watching 🙂