I got a Boob Job!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know your girl got new Melons last month. I’m always super candid with y’all about any work I get done, so this procedure is no different. I asked you guys on IG stories what question you had about the process and here are the questions that kept coming up.

1. Why did you want to get your boobs done?

I’ve wanted to get a boob job for as long as I can remember. All the women in my family are pretty busty, and mine just never came in, I’ve always been so flat. I’m curvy on the bottom and knew big breasts would fill out my frame better. I’m surprised I didn’t do it sooner.

2. How did you pick your surgeon?

I saw Dr. Franco of More Beautiful You on Instagram (@AustinPlasticSurgeon) and thought his work was beautiful. I did a ton of research on him and checked out all his stellar reviews on RealSelf (I check everyone on this before I get any work done). I was pretty sure I wanted him to be my surgeon, but after my consultation, I knew he was my guy. He is so knowledgable and wanted what was best for me and my body type. My mom came with me, and she loved him too.

3. What kind/ size did you get?

470 cc Under the Muscle, Silicone Gummy Bear Implant.

4. How did you pick out a size?

You can see the process in my Post-Op video here, but basically, Dr. Franco had me in a padless bra, and then we would “try on” different implant sizes. 470cc was the magic number. I will say at the time it seemed big (looked great tho), but now I think I would be disappointed if they were any smaller. I LOVE my size.

5. How tall are you & what size we’re you before?

I’m 5’3 ish (lol), and I was an A to small B cup before.

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6. How was the anesthesia process for you?

Totally fine! Not going to lie – being put under always gives me a little anxiety, but it was nothing. Like waking up from an awesome nap (lol).

8. Did you have drains?

Nope, no drains!

7. Did it hurt?

I was on meds, so I wouldn’t say that anything hurt. It was more an uncomfortable tightness than anything. But it doesn’t last long, and the results are more than worth it!

8. How was your recovery?

Great! I stayed at a hotel in Austin for two days following my surgery. It was nice because my room had a recliner that we padded with pillows and that’s where I stayed most of the time. After breast augmentation, you can’t sleep on your stomach, so this was the best way to sleep!

After the two days, I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Franco, and he told me everything looked good. We headed back to Houston, and I didn’t do much for another few days. Luckily my mom took off work and was with me. I would say I needed someone for the first four days. She would get things for me, bring me food, help me up, etc. (Thanks Mom, ily!). After that, I felt pretty good and got off of my pain meds. Sleeping was the only thing that was hard for me because I was a stomach sleeper. I’m a month out of surgery, and now I’m used to it. Sleeping on my back doesn’t bother me. Pro Tip: If you’re not a back sleeper and in a bed, line your body with pillows, so you don’t flip over in the night. Really helped!

9. How do your clothes fit?

So my clothes that still fit look AMAZING, but there’s a decent amount that I can’t wear anymore. I was SO flat chested, so I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before I had surgery. They look so good though that I want to buy cute new clothes for them (lol), so it’s worth it.

10. Do you have a scar?

Yes, I have a small scar under each breast, but it’s already faded so much! Dr. Franco suggested I use biocorneum, so I apply it on my scar twice a day!

11. Are you happy with your breast augmentation results?

YES! Dr. Franco is so talented at what he does. Yes, they are bigger but just as important, they are so pretty (lol). The size, the way the shape is settling, everything. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much, Dr. Franco, for partnering up with me on this post! I can’t say enough great things about him and his entire team. If you are getting the girls done, go see Dr. Franco (check out More Beautiful You’s website). He’s located in Austin (I’m in Houston). This is your body, so ladies it is worth traveling to go to the best! If you have any questions about breast augmentation, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@MadzPayne), email me at [email protected], or call More Beautiful You at (512) 572-5014.

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    Wow I learned something new today. For some reason, my ears “perk” up when talking about boobs. Lol