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It’s the new year and time to get my life together! Or, that’s what I always tell myself every January, LOL. One of my favorite shows on Netflix, The Home Edit (a show about organizing your life), now has a product line at Walmart. They have previously been carried at The Container Store, so I couldn’t be happier that two of my favorite things have collided. I recently ordered the workbook too, so I will report back!

This is a 2 pack of stackable containers for under $10. They are 10″x5″x6″, making them even more perfect to organize your fridge.

The Large Bin size is 10″x10″x6″.

This is their low wall turntable. It has a 10″ diameter, and the walls are 1.36″ high. Perfect for spices in your kitchen, or kids Play-Doh as shown.

This is their 5 piece Laundry Set. It includes, 2 narrow stacking bins (10″x5″x6″), 2 ‘everyday’ stacking bins (10″x10″x6″), and the 10″ turntable.

The 10 piece Bath Set is perfect for a deep drawer or under the counter. It includes 3 large insert bins (9.37″x4.68″x2.95″), 4 medium insert bins (6.24″x4.68″x2.95″), and 3 small insert bins (9.37″x4.68″x2.95″).

They consider their 5 piece Pantry Set as a great starter kit for organizing your kitchen. It includes 2 stackable large bins (10″x10″x6″), 2 large insert bins (9.37″x4.68″x2.95″), and a 3 tier riser perfect for cans and condiments (9.57″x9.57″x5″).

This 8 piece set is their Multipurpose Set. It includes 2 stackable large bins (10″x10″x6″), 2 large insert bins (9.37″x4.68″x2.95″), 2 medium insert bins (6.24″x4.68″x2.95″), and 2 small insert bins (4.68″x3.12″x2.95″).

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