Amazon is not only great for random gadgets and fashion, but also budget beauty! Once you have a holy grail beauty fave it’s great to shop on Amazon. Usually it is cheaper than in store, and with prime you can get it super fast. Make sure to follow me over on my Amazon storefront I have “Lists” that include all my beauty and makeup finds HERE, and all my beauty tools HERE.

I love that so much of my every day makeup can be found on Amazon for less than in stores, and all under $15.

Beauty tools and gadgets are also great to get off of Amazon. Most of the time you can find a tool that looks and does the exact same thing as a high end tool, but for a fraction of the price. I have tested all of these tools, and love them.

Click HERE, to check out my Budget Jewelry & Accessories. And, watch my YouTube video, I try out the budget beauty tools, gadgets, and more.

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